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Through various seminars,camps, classes and conferences SGSM help mothers and daughters develop awesome unbreakable relationships.


          Abstinence Till Marriage Workshop

Does your daughter know the truth?  Does she know that most teachings of the world are against God's plan for her life?   Has she made a solid commitment to be abstinent till marriage?

Maybe?  Not sure.

Well the Abstinence Till Marriage Workshop for Girls can change all that.  This workshop focuses on helping your daughter stay abstinent until marriage which entails making other smart minute by minute decisions.

How can a young person stay on the path of purity?

By living according to Your Word...

Psalm 119:9 NIV

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We don't stop with the workshop...Girls need ongoing mentoring, coaching, advice throughout her pre-teen/teen years Remember, your daughter only gets to be a girl once in life, let's help her make the best decisions during this short time...Sign up for my Abstinence and Life Coaching Club:

She gets one abstinence/life coaching lesson per month, she gets (more)


Abstinence Till Marriage Curriculum

So you know that abstinence till marriage is a huge undertaking in this day and age in which we live, right?  So you need the right arsenal in order to attack this situation head on.

The Abstinence Till Marriage for Girls Curriculum is the arsenal that will help you teach your girls to combat sex before marriage.

This curriculum is perfect for Churches, schools and organizations that are looking to help their girls stay abstinent until marriage.

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What my clients are saying

Through the abstinence program and personal develpment conversations, I received advice from a wise perspective which hampered me from making bad decisions. The abstinence program helped me to strongly stick to my decision of staying abstinent until marriage. 

-Reina M., Straight A High School Student

After one 30 minute life coaching session with Mrs. Yoshi, I felt like I had completed 2 hours of therapy. She was able to ask me one question which caused me to spill a lot of the mental junk that I had been harboring unknowingly. I am excited to continue our sessions in the hopes of clearing out more junk. I'm officially calling our sessions a "mental spring cleaning." 

-Catherine W., Teacher/Entrepreneur